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How did nature benefit from lock Down?

People are having a lot of trouble due to lockdown. But nature is benefiting immensely, they have got an opportunity to keep themselves healthy by recharging themselves. The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has reduced considerably due to the closure of factories and car and vehicle traffic facilities. Due to the closure of sea traffic, seawater has become very clear and dolphins have started coming to those places. Jungle animals are seen in cities due to road traffic closure The mountains and hills of our country were also not visible due to pollution, which is visible with open eyes from the city nowadays. We have noticed for a few days.  Many birds have started appearing around us which are not seen before Animals and birds will also talk among themselves that man has destroyed the whole nature due to his unending desire and facilities. Let's do some arbitrary work for a few days, then do not get such a time, what does anyone know?