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Should I start a blog in 2020?

Nowadays, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have practically monopolized self-expression and social networking. Publishing text, images and videos on the internet has now become so easy and standardized, many people wonder if there is still a point to keeping your own blog.

   Through this article, you will learn:

*Why a blog is still relevant
*The rewards of blogging

Why should you go to all this trouble of building a blog, creating content and driving traffic? Well, the following article covers five reasons why you should still start your own blog.

1. To Write in Any Subject

You can develop your writing capability very much Now you can blogging on any topic you want .Regardless of how educated you are, whether your color is fair or black, you come from a small country or come from a big country. You are small or big, male or female does not make any difference to you. Write and blogging your knowledge that you can use in the outside world

2. To Build a Network

By making a Blog, you can create a very large network of your own and give your precious ideas to people through the articles you want, as well as in your article people can write their precious thoughts, gradually becomes your very large network. And it can prove to be helpful in the outside world of blogging, as well as other bloggers from your business, which gradually becomes a big business. For this reason, you can also be blogging

3. For Knowledge

While starting a blog is no longer all that difficult, it will still involve dabbling in new things, such as HTML. A pleasant side effect is that you will acquire a lot of technical know-how. And it won’t stop there: blogging will give you an opportunity to become well versed in matters of self-organization, content creation, community management, marketing and the likes. 

Moreover, immersing yourself in your blog topic will increase your level of expertise in the subject, which can be used online as well as offline.

you can make money from Amazon affiliate and other affiliate Marketing 

We all have bills to pay, even – or especially – bloggers! And nowadays, it’s not so unusual for bloggers to not only manage to cover their costs, but even make a good deal extra on the side through blogging. Some can even live exclusively off blogging. 

While such people may be the exception to the rule, those bloggers with perseverance and knowledge of the marketing side of business have a better chance to succeed. From a business point of view, a blog can even be of indirect use to you. It can support your freelance career or can be used to establish contact with companies which might then, for example, offer you products for testing.

5. To Have Fun

For most bloggers, though, fun is the first and foremost reason to start a blog. Writing about a topic that is close to your heart is an absolute joy, not to mention the exchange with readers and receiving feedback. Cooperation with other bloggers, as well as the marketing of your topics and the building and expanding of your blog, can also be a lot of fun. 

A blog will definitely require endurance, because keeping it going won’t always be easy, nor will it always be a positive
experience. But it can prove to be rewarding in both a personal and financial sense.

More Reasons to Blog

There are always more ways to make your own blog interesting, especially in comparison to the content on social media platforms. With a blog, you create something truly of your own. You own its content, and a blog barely creates any costs. CMS, layouts, plug-ins and more can be installed for free – and cheap hosting solutions are available too. 

Good content will always be important. If you manage to build yourself a high-quality blog that’s worth reading, you are guaranteed to attract a large and interested readership. Start today, and see where it takes you.


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